Maintenance and Care Guidelines

1. Watering & Fertilizer:

Water your Spring, Summer and Fall planters thoroughly every few days. Water enough that the soil is moist 2-3" below the surface.

Water your winter planters also if the root zone is not frozen. Your green boughs and cut twigs will take up moisture to keep them looking fresh for longer.

If it is hot and dry, be careful the dry surface soil doesn't cause the water to simply run off....water lightly to rehydrate the soil, then again to thoroughly water the root zone.

We treat your planters with a slow-release fertilizer to maintain optimum health for your plants. It is recommended that you add a weak water soluble fertilizer solution every two weeks. 

2. Dead-heading:

For your summer planters, many of the blooming plants look best when old blooms are "pinched" off and dead or browning foliage is removed. This will keep your flowering plants continuously blooming and promotes thicker growth.

We do try to use plants that are "ever-blooming" and mess-free, but a little TLC goes a long way with flowering plants.

3. Ack! A Bug!

Bugs and Aphids are a natural part of any outdoor environment. If you see a few, there is no cause for alarm. If you see a lot, or your plants don't look healthy (even though you've been watering regularly), then let us know and we can help troubleshoot the problem.

We hope this helps you care for your planters and keep them looking as beautiful as possible! We know that things happen and plants sometimes die....please give us a call if you require us to schedule a "fix-up".


The Click and Bloom Team